Support Williams Dog Shelter During the Owners Illness

Dear Animal Lovers,

We are raising funds to compensate manual workers at Williams Dog Shelter, Pareklissia Village, Cyprus during the owner’s illness.

Robert Majer, the owner of Williams Dog Shelter was diagnosed with lung cancer stage IV in April, 2023. He is now undergoing chemotherapy and just has had his 4th session done. He is still working himself.

This dog shelter is not just a place; it's Robert's passion, his life, and the reason he fights each day. Despite battling cancer, Robert refuses to abandon his post. After each chemotherapy session, he returns to the shelter, and stays surrounded by the love and support of his beloved dogs.

However, as much as we admire Robert's strength, we understand that physical labor is taking a toll on him, it is not good for a person with his medical condition at all.

We are reaching out to raise funds to compensate the manual workers and helpers at the shelter. The funds will enable us to continue hiring 2-3 dedicated individuals who will ensure the shelter is kept clean and well-maintained, with the dogs fed on time and their living spaces pristine.

We need approximately 3,000 euros per month to make this possible, and every contribution counts. The animals at Williams Dog Shelter found a home here, and closing the shelter due to Robert's illness is not an option we're willing to entertain. Our goal is to support Robert's vision and keep the shelter thriving.

Join us in making a difference. Your generosity will not only relieve Robert of the burden of hard physical work but also ensure that these dogs continue to experience the love and care they deserve.

Please contact to support us

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