Exceedingly provide relief services for orphans, & Widows/widowers with their daily needs,such as food, clothing, school supplies, shoes, etc.
We donate Animal milk for poor families/and small scale project,employment creation to be able to help themselves, and earn income to support their families, such as: students, meet the cost of treatment, the best of modern agriculture, and eliminating malnutrition in children, pregnant women, and patients with HIV / AIDS
We have Vocation Training centres,For teaching young people get the skills of self-employment in their future, as well as providing technical equipment so that they capitalization of handicrafts 
We have implemented  nursery/ and kindergarten schools as a part of   one of our goals to build the capacity of the child  mind by knowing what the IT, entrepreneurship ideas, technical drawing, creating materials, etc. Also you must know to speak English to the future language to communicate with people outside their language
We have achieved this project to require Volunteers to teach languages to children, and play with them, and singing to build intellectual
Micro entrepreneurship Projects: the biggest beneficiaries of this project are women, who already have tried to make even a small business but already supports their families, we adds capital to make money and teach them the skills of bookkeeping, entrepreneurship, innovation, and quality of product and marketing requirements
Agriforest Projects,it is our responsibility to combat climate especially for the planting of trees on side of  water sources, and mounts for adding vegetation natural world, which we protect birds, wildlife, fish, and climate to be clean and safe
Tourism is our project for connecting between the tourists know where there are many attractions well and have a reasonable price, We do this to add friends and make a CSM noted throughout the world
We also announced the tourists come to watch the culture and the former rulers equipment that they used to live in. This helps tourists and our volunteers learn much of Africa.
We have provided the volunteers have an opportunity to come to Tanzania to work in us for horticulture, farming, services for children, crafts, construction, IT, and teaching English language and education for tourists
This helps young people come to exchange experiences, and know where there are opportunities for investment in the future