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*edit* I just receive a heart breaking news from the Doctor. 2 of my child won't make it in the next 24 hours. 1 child has a 50/50 chance to survive. The mom is also at high risk of not recovering. Please help pray and hope that they all will make it.

I just have a best time playing with my kids at our ally and celebrate a fresh New Year with my family together. I can't believe it would be my last time I spent with my kids.

When I heard the new from the police about my family while I was at work, I rushed home with empty word of emotion. All my 6 children and wife were sent to the hospital due to a fire at our home. I lost my oldest twin daughter on 1/3/2024. 3 of my other children are at high risk of heart failure and brain death due to the high amount of smoke they inhailed.

Two of the children were able to get out of a critical zone, thank God.

With the death of my children I would like to ask for a helping hand as it is expensive to hold a funeral. I'm hoping our family, friends and community can donate to help me out. Even just enough to hold a small cheap funeral, decent standard coffin and a place for the kids resting place.

I'm the only one supporting my whole family with shelter and foods. We have no life insurance cover due to insufficiency income. Holding a funeral is expensive. Please help us. Please donate to support my family.
I greatly appreciate everyone for helping.

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