Who this will help

Theresa Moats and her family are wonderful people who have suffered a devastating loss on Christmas Day.

Why I'm fundraising
Their house caught fire and burned to the ground in the early hours of Christmas Day, claiming the life of Theresa's youngest daughter, Kyleigh, who was only 10, as well as all but 2 of the family's pets. The family lost all of their possessions as well.

The impact of your support
Funds will be used for Kyleigh's funeral, supporting the family, paying for their current hotel room, as well as helping to secure permanent housing.
The family did not have insurance.

Updates (1)

December 29th, 2023by Theresa RetzOrganizer
We are over $20k in donations and everyone is so grateful for all of the assistance. THANK YOU to everyone who has donated.

 USD raised of $50,000 goal

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