Community support Mission in short nammed:( CSM) means in Kiswahili language:


It is  established 2004-6 in agwe District, kagera Region-Tanzania(northwest tanzania)with people Mr& Mrs ,Jonathan M.Kabilinshobela(Founders)

Was registered    in 05/10/2010 has been known an NGO,Registered in the ministry of community development, gender, children, and youth in Tanzania Mainland

CSM has been with the objectives of supporting regional economic vulnerability that has to its people such as:Karagwe and Kyerwa Districts, Mwanza Region/Villages, Kigoma, Dar es Pwani Region,Kigoma Region,Rukwa, Kahama/Shinyanga, and Dodoma.

We began this work of facilitating communities especially vulnerable to commit themselves to the domestic revenue or used to sell products or milk and then me and my wife, we got money to help you poor, orphans, widows, sometimes we make our own clothes to give poor or handicapped people..Static disappointed with the people that we have no income to provide relief well to poor people