Dedal is an art school in Bulgaria that provides free classes in the art and sciences for children from orphanages, single-parent families, foster families and children with minor disabilities. In addition to free access, the centre provides the diverse social environment necessary for promoting social integration. Dedal has helped over 900 children overcome social isolation by developing their skills and talents while working actively with art professionals on a completely voluntary basis.

Bulgaria is still the poorest and country in the EU, a place where culture and art are struggling and are set back. Children from disadvantaged families are often socially isolated and don't have access to any after school activities. This is a cause of low self esteem and absence of social skills which keeps them from developing their talents, expressing their opinions and achieving their goals. The school affects more than a 100 children every year and helps them overcome this problem.

As of 2018, Dedal includes a library, a large gallery hall, a recording studio, and a sculpture studio. Modern equipment is also available for young artists to use according to their creative requirements completely free of charge. During their regular visits to Dedal, over a 100 children yearly not only develop new skills, but also build lasting friendships with kids and adults from diverse backgrounds which helps them overcome the social isolation.

Long-Term Impact
Since its establishment in 2009, Dedal has expanded significantly in terms of its audience, teaching capacity and facilities. Over 900 children have visited the classes and have received help with education, preparation for college or obtaining a profession. Last but not least, Dedal has become a diver of cultural and social development and has created a supportive community of young adults that come back years after, become part of the team and help develop the school further.

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